Big Bear (2017)

big bear

Big Bear is the story of a wedding that almost was. So what is a guy and his friends to do? Have the party anyway! One small issue however, one of his friends decides the best idea is to kidnap the guy his fiancee left him for.

The movie itself is pretty fun, I was actually expecting a sort rip off of the hangover movies but that is thankfully not what we got at all. The first night we do see a bunch of drinking, and a stripper, and they do have a hangover in the morning however there won’t be any memory loss shenanigans.

The story mostly focuses on how this guy managed to steal his fiancee in the first place,and what they are going to do with him now that his idiot friend kidnapped him in the first place. There are some cheap laughs and it has its moments that will make you think. The movie isn’t great, but I did enjoy it none the less. Its worth checking out if you have some free time but don’t expect some sort of life altering experience. Its good enough for what it is and it will entertain you and the ending is great. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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