Accepted (2006)


What are a group of friends supposed to do when you are expected to go to college but you don’t get in? The only logical and sane thing of course. Invent one. South Harmon college, the first ever college invented by students, for students, with no teachers, no curriculum. But that is ok, the website is fake anyway right? Not quite, see when Bartleby enlist his friend Shermen to build a website to fool his parents, Sherman makes a functional website that accepts thousands of students, all of which bring money kicking this make-believe college into high gear.

It isn’t all fun and games tho when the real Harmon college decides to put an end to this in order to by the land for their own use. Forcing South Harmon college to attempt to become a real accredited college.

The movie is fun and interesting but at times comes across as a down played version of a weird combination of revenge of the nerds and animal house. That isn’t really bad, the movie just isn’t all that new. Worth a watch, just don’t except anything new. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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