Let Me In (2010)

let me in

I watched Let Me In more on a lark than any real interest in watching another vampire movie. After the Twilight movies every one I watch just seems to be trying to hard to reinvent the wheel rather than just improve it. Let Me In however is a rather nice surprise. The movie is a heart wrenching story about a young 12-year-old boy being bullied at school for being quiet and a bit odd back in the 80’s. He has no friends really, and is a rather quiet scrawny child.

One day at night he meets a 12-year-old girl, at night of course. As they strike up an uneasy friendship things get worse at school. The movie continues and as their friendship grows so does Owens confidence. Abby however seems a little off in the world as they visit the arcade, and doesn’t eat candy or really anything.

Owen will eventually learn to defend himself and that Abby isn’t quite as young as she appears, tho we never learn how old she really is.  The movie isn’t even a horror movie tho there is plenty of death. Abby does drink blood, even kills a few people. Getting bit by a vampire but not killed still results in becoming a vampire, as shown when she is interrupted and later when the person turns the victim is shown bursting into flames in the sunlight as a nurse opens the curtains at a hospital. Vampires are quite traditional even needing to be invited inside or risk death.

The movie won’t be for everyone admittedly. It has a lot of down time much of which wasn’t really that great. Others will find the friendship good enough and worth watching, for me I prefer a little more action. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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3 thoughts on “Let Me In (2010)”

  1. It’s OK, for a remake, but the original foreign language version Let the Right One is far superior in every way. I remember seeing that film and being severely shaken for a good hour afterwards. Its haunting and utterly absorbing. The Chloe Grace remake is glossy and not as organic.

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