Let the Right One In

let me in bk

So, it’s been forever since my last edition of my best/ worst of vampires; the previous three entries for the best were Dracula , Salem’s Lot , and Hellsing Ultimate and here we get to the fourth entry on the list. Savior covered the American adaptation of the movie, Let Me In (2010) so I’m basically going to stick to the book.

Oskar is a lonely kid. His parents are divorced, there’s only one person he can loosely call a friend, he’s chubby, and he get’s bullied a lot. He has a morbid fascination with murder and killers to a unhealthy degree. One late night, he slips out of his house to a peculiar site. A little pale girl, barely clothed for winter alone with a Rubix cube. This quiet girl is Eli (pronounced E-lee), who moved into the apartment complex with her “dad” next to Oskar. Life becomes interesting for Oskar, as he becomes fascinated and close to Eli though she pushes him away because she’s “sick” and it just so happens a brutal killer is running around town, draining there victims of blood. Oskar realizes Eli doesn’t go out in the day, her appearance changes in correspondence to the killings, and her “dad” looks nothing like her. Part of a darker set of truths about Eli is she is a vampire; can Oskar accept Eli, even if it puts them both in danger?

This is perhaps one of, if not my favorite vampire story. This story was unusual in a lot of different ways and pretty refreshing. Being a vampire in this world is pretty torturous and I was able to feel the character’s pain which is a rare feat for me in literature. There’s a lot of twists that come I don’t want to spoil regarding Eli’s identity but I can say it adds to what this book does best, introduce some really dark real life topics with fictional making them feel more real. If you want a real down to earth and gritty vampire story that also says volumes on real friendship, I’d seriously recommend this book. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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  1. Let the Right One In was soooooooooooo goooood! I’d seen the Swedish version of the movie, fell in love with the premise (finally a Vampire story that doens’t suck! no pun intended), and had to track down a copy of the book. the American movie pales in comparison!

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