Chrono Trigger PC First patch

chrono trigger

The first patch for Chrono Trigger on PC is out, with the following patch notes taken directly from Steam:

  1. Character sprites and background graphics adjusted to be more in-line with the original style of CHRONO TRIGGER. This can be selected from the menu as “Original” graphics, and is the new default selection.
  2. The font has been updated to give the game a more classic look.
  3. Text which did not match the game experience on PC has been revised, and a large number of other text issues have been corrected.
  4. Fixed the way the word “TRIGGER” is displayed as it floats in on the title screen.
  5. Adjusted the order of the demo video and animated opening sequence from the title screen to be more in-line with previous versions of the game.
  6. The background gradient of each text window has been adjusted to make it darker towards the bottom.

I haven’t had the chance to go back and check it out, but this should go a long way to restoring some faith for fans. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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