Crusader Kings 2 (PC)

crusader kings 2

I first heard of this game long ago, but not being big on computer games (yea I am a console guy) I never really got the chance to play it. But when it was tossed up on Steam by Paradox for free for a few days I couldn’t pass it up. So I tossed it on the starting kingdom they recommend and went to town on what they told me to do while adding my own thing to which the game allows for. For example they tell you to get married, but don’t really tell you who to marry. Here is a short summary of the first hour of game play for me.

So I start-up my game and fumble thru some menus and read the descriptions and quickly see there is a lot going on, much of it self-explanatory. this makes me happy. The game is constantly moving, days are slipping by. The game informs me I wont be attacked until my character reaches age 40. This is a plus because I have no clue what is going on.  I send my king into hiding just in case. Moments later I discover I need to get married. Time to come out of hiding. But what kind of wife should I get? Do i marry for land? Peace? Alliance? In true Medieval fashion I choose to marry my cousin so that when my uncle dies I can claim his kingdom as my own. I also discover the plot commands and choose to attempt to murder my older brother so I can take his land next door. My spymaster discovers dear brother had the same plan. What a prick right?

Not long after a small rebellion starts, after struggling I figure out how to send my army to put down a few hundred ungrateful peasants. My dear old brother chose this time to attack a neighboring kingdom. Now is my chance to strike, I move my army into his territory. That is when my assassin poisons him. Victory is mine…except I failed to notice I have 2 brothers. I simply moved my self up to next in line for his land, my other oldest brother is now in charge.

As you can see, this game is kind of like a computer version of Game of Thrones. Graphically it looks nice but is nothing special and the sound is solid. But the real genius here is how in-depth it actually is. Do you raise your armies and take land by force? Do you marry off your children and let the generations pass as you take the world thru guile and brains? Some odd combination of it all? The choice is yours, and it is all very exciting. Personally I can’t wait to finish off my brother. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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