Tera (PS4)


I don’t normally play MMO’s to be honest, a little guild wars, some World of Warcraft and a bit of Neverwinter. Now I know that sounds like quite a few, but I haven’t put a lot of time into them. Maybe 60 hours across them all and that is high balling it. I am far from an expert on the subject.

With that out-of-the-way, I am having fun with Tera. The game looks nice and plays pretty well. Admittedly inside of cities the game does suffer from some lag issues, but that is more annoying than anything that messes with game play. The combat is similar to most action RPG games where you are free to move around and your skills all have cool down times associated with them, all of which is pretty par for the course.

All the MMO staples are here as well, you can get mounts and pets, many that will collect items for you. There is no monthly fee and the game is free to play, as such cosmetics and skins cost a decent amount of money and there is a $15 a month upgrade you can buy that gives you a 100% boost in experience and gold as well as a discount on the micro-transactions.

The story is a bit clichĂ©, starting out next to a special tree. Helping some special kids you quickly find out you are also special and will be chosen to help save the world, of course. It is still quite interesting, but nothing new. With the game being free to play tho on PS4 and Xbox it worth a try even if you aren’t big on MMO’s. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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