Amazing Spider-man: Superior

superior Spidey

Ok guys, so this review is a tiny bit different than my normal comic reviews. Whereas normally I’d tell you the actually book, I pretty much forgot the name of the actual book but didn’t forget the story. The story I’m talking about is the death of Spider-man as we know it and the rise of a Superior Spider-man.

With his life dwindling, Doc Ock has become desperate and with his dying wish wants to “reconcile” with his nemesis. Parker, being the good hearted soul, obliges and falls into Ock’s final trap. He manages to switch there bodies, taking Peter’s strong, young super powered body while abandoning his former pupil in his frail, old body. With a new lease on life, Ock escapes and suddenly comes to a new realization after his old self dies: with new power comes a new responsibility. He can be a better Peter Parker and a better Spider-man, but can his ruthlessness and will to do what Parker wouldn’t really make him better?

This initial book I borrowed from mutual friend, Sniperelitest, has honestly the saddest character death I’ve read in a comic book. I actually cried a little; its Fullmetal Alchemist sad. It’s a fascinating book and really well written; Superior Spider-man is a badass. I do want to read more of the story when I get the funds to do so, but I highly recommend checking this series out, especially if you are a long time fan. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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