Shenmue And Shenmue 2 Remastered


For those that remember a long, long time ago, when Sega still did stuff all the time and not just Sonic and they made systems still ( I promise kids that was a real thing), they made a series that suddenly ended and just disappeared. For years rumors swirled about an HD remaster and a part 3. This isn’t a surprise since while I personally never played them, part 2 I am told ended with a clear 3 on the way. But nothing happened.

Well until now, according to, well Sega and confirmed by everyone including polygon there will be a Shenmue HD remaster of both 1 and 2 coming out this year for PS4 Xbox One and PC, and people are rightfully excited. And yes rumors still fly about part 3, which I have no doubt will be soon. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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