My 10 favorite Spider-man villains, part 2

spidey comic 2

Here we continue with my list of favorite Spider-man villains, starting from the 5th spot to number 1. Here we get a lot of the big well known Spidey bad guys, the ones that test him the most, starting with…

kingpin spidey 5. Kingpin-

While just as much of a Daredevil villain, Spider-man has given Wilson Fisk a ton of headaches over the years. Fisk is a criminal mastermind and a brutal physical threat that can certainly take a ass kicking.

carnage spidey 4. Carnage-

With all the hype over Venom’s movie and many wondering why he wasn’t the villain revealed in Venom trailer 3 I have to give Cleatus a shout out. He’s a stark raving lunatic that won’t go down, loves Lynard Skynard, and warp his body into deadly things. Ain’t he a bundle of fun for the family?

doc ock spidey 3. Doctor Octopus/ Doc Ock-

My personal favorite rendition was Alfred Molina’s in Spider- man 2 , though I loved him in the animated series too and in Amazing Spider-man: Superior I loved seeing Peter’s former mentor try to live up to his enemy. Ock’s tentacles are some of my favorite weapons in comics that are frankly badass.

venom spidey 2. Venom-

Venom in almost every way is the dark version of Spider-man, and his story is full of sheer awesomeness and revenge. You can’t talk about Venom without bringing  up Spider-man: the animated series or Spider-man (N64)  .Of course Spider-man 3 didn’t do the character justice but the movie has promise. What makes Venom cool is the fact he means to do good at the expense of his hate for the wall crawler, and they do make an awesome pair in a fight.

green goblin marvel 1. Green Goblin-

No villain has really brought Spider-man the pain and hardship as the Green Goblin. Because of Goblin, he lost his greatest love Gwen Stacy, and his best friend Harry Osborn went mad after losing his father Norman, the first Goblin just eventually meet the same fate. The Goblin’s creepy outfit, Halloween themed arsenal, cool glider, and utter madness makes him my number one.

There’s plenty of other villains I’d like to include like Shocker, Hobgoblin, Kraven the Hunter, and Mysterio but that’s part of what makes Spider-man so great, he’s got so many great villains. I hope you enjoyed and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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2 thoughts on “My 10 favorite Spider-man villains, part 2”

  1. I’ve always been a huge fan of Spider Man villains and believe because of his variety of antagonists; it makes Spider Man Marvels greatest heroes. Kind of like how Batman is to DC.

    Venom was always my favorite.

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    1. Venom is one of those characters that everyone loves that so many people outside of comic fans don’t seem to realise how deep and devolped he actually is. I really want the movie to do well just so people see there is more to Venom than just Spider man and Carnage.

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