Of Mice and Sand Revised (PS4)

of mice and sand

The other day I am rummaging thru games just looking to send some of my girlfriends hard-earned cash, with her permission of course. She is cool like that. That is when I see this game, that some how I had no clue existed. Now I had no choice but to buy this weird has hell looking game. Its mice, traveling the desert looking for El Dorado. Yea that is what is going on here.

The graphics are as basic as basic get, and honestly that is a good thing. This actually helps the game,these simplistic yet cute graphics actually add a certain charm to the game that many titles today are missing.

The sound is also quite honestly well below what most titles today offer, but again it is good enough especially at the price point the game is offered and again it really does just add to the charm.

The game however can get a bit repetitive, just like any other city builder. Make no mistake by the way, that is exactly what this game is when you boil it down. As you travel from out post to out post running into various situations that I won’t spoil for you, there will be rooms and items to build.

All in all tho for $10 the game is a blast, looks and sounds charming and is simply addictive to play, I had a lot of fun and will for a the foreseeable future. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Author: Savior699

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