Ghost Team (2016)

ghost team

Ghost Team is an odd movie, it’s a comedy that isn’t funny but is not, not funny. The story is about a group of friends that decide to go on a ghost hunt, just like on their favorite television show. So they borrow ( well steal) some equipment, go to an abandoned place in the woods and start their hunt.

Things start getting weird pretty damn quick. There are voices, and images on cameras and electricity going on and off. Things are just horrible. It doesn’t take long for things however to get even worse.I won’t spoil that surprise for you tho.

The movie itself, isn’t bad. It does seem to try way to hard at times tho to be both edgy and immature at the same time and fails completely to do both. The movie simply isn’t good, which is quite upsetting for a movie with Jon Heder and Justin Long since both are amazing actors and are great in everything they do. Even in this they play their parts well, they simply weren’t given anything to work with. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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