Carrie (1976)


Not sure what anyone expected from Stephen King, but Carrie is just a demented story. The book is even worse than the movie to be 100% honest. We start out in gym class playing some volleyball. Sadly poor Carrie sucks at sports and the other girls know it, so they hit the ball her way and game loss. Later in the shower Carrie, who is in the middle of the type of super religious upbringing that would make Scientologist tell her mom to lighten the hell up, gets her period. The problem is she has no idea what this is, thinks she is dying and freaks the hell out. You can imagine how this goes for a high school girl. She gets pelted with pads and tampons and towels.

The gym teacher doesn’t like this and severally punishes the girls for how they treat Carrie and this leads to eventually the usual prom trick of guy asks girl to prom that he doesn’t like just to play a vicious trick. There is a small problem, our girl Carrie has some um.. special abilities that involve how do we say moving things with her mind and unexpectedly disassembling items..and people.

The movie is considered a classic horror movie for a reason, the story is great, the acting is great and for its time the effects are great. Some of it is a bit cliché but for its time I suppose much of it was new, Regardless if you like the genre there is no reason not to check this one out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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