Super Mega Baseball 2 Xbox One

super mega baseball 2

One of the free games this month on Xbox One is Super Mega Baseball 2. The game isn’t actually what I was expecting, which isn’t a bad thing. The game is clearly not an officially licensed game so all the players and team are fictitious. The game also has a very old-fashioned Sega/SNES arcade style feel to it.

The batting is all done with the A and X buttons with one being for a contact swing and the other being for a power swing. The batting controls function great and at no time did I feel like missing the ball was due to anything other than my own incompetence. The pitching works a bit weird but is easy to get used to. You used the right stick to choose a pitch the use A to throw, as you are winding up you use the left stick to move the pitch to the proper place in to make the ball go where you want. It doesn’t take much getting used to, but it is a bit odd.

All in all the game isn’t bad, but I largely think that could be because I didn’t have to pay for it. The game is fun but it leaves much to be desired. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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4 thoughts on “Super Mega Baseball 2 Xbox One”

    1. There is a weird thing that happens with this game. I played about 8-10 hours before i reviewed it. Its fun but i do with their was more to it. A few more hours in is around the time i smashed the pitcher in the face with a drive back to the mound. So i stared at the screen in disbelief for awhile thinking i killed a man and realized this is a baseball game for people that are tired of realistic baseball games, but don’t want a true arcade style experience. I can very much understand why you love this game. But if the next person that comments says they hate it, i would understand that as well. I would also think they were insane lol

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  1. This is my first real BB game, so I’m not tired of it. I am not a BB fan in real life, so the ultra-realistic MLB simulators do not interest me. I like the gameplay as it’s accessible. But the thing I really like is the ability to customise leagues. That adds so much value for me. It’s a bit like Xcom without the variety and violence.

    Of course, we all have our tastes. I personally think that a decent BB game is better then most sports games because BB can feel rewarding both in pitching and batting.

    But that is just my opinion. There will be those who love and hate all games.

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    1. See i played baseball until may late teens and still watch on tv. So games like The Show on PlayStation are more my thing. Things like this are why I love gaming and having the blog. Simple things like getting to see a different viewpoint like this. It never would have occured to me that someone would see this as a more accessible baseball for someone that isn’t a fan.

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