A Kingdom for Keflings

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Every so often my daughter will ask for a game on my Xbox and I will buy it for her because I am a gamer and I understand seeing a game and just wanting to play it. Sometimes I will then play that game myself. Enter A Kingdom for Keflings.

So after seeing her play I start messing around with it, kicking villagers building some stuff because why not. Slowly I start to notice, the game is actually an odd amount of fun. As i start to expand and chop down trees, build houses, see more of these little people show up and build more stuff for them that leads to more things to build I slowly notice that I have in fact built a small kingdom for my Keflings. Now I must admit this game doesn’t have much to it. There isn’t an invading horde coming after you, or really even a reason to build the kingdom except they basically want you to build them one. You are essentially a giant in a world of little people. Their god if you will. And you are just nice enough to help them out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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