South Park: the stick of truth ( Second opinion)

south park stick

We’re big South Park fans here at Saviorgaming, and Savior already gave his opinion on South Park, The Stick Of Truth and we both gave it’s sequel, South Park: The Fractured But Whole a review each. I didn’t get to play the classic last console generation and with the digital copy I got to.

A quick synopsis of the story is the kids of South Park are playing fantasy with rangers, elves, mages, etc and we play the mute, new kid who has an astounding ability- he’s able to get a shit ton of Facebook friends…and he can fart like no one’s business. But the new Taco Bell in South Park has brought on a new threat that turns it’s citizens into Nazi zombies! Can the new kid unite the kids to take on this menace?

On a whole, I feel Fractured may have had a better story, but Stick has superior gameplay. The gameplay is solid turn based combat which takes time to master, but is rewarding as hell once mastered. The game also has great boss fights that are both challenging and epic. I was disappointed by the ending, but was still solid. In the end, like its sequel, it is an amazing game I recommend picking up if you need a great laugh and want a good game. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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