The Covenant (2017)

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This movie is a kind of  anomaly. The movie isn’t bad or good. It isn’t original in any regard nor is it exactly truly a rip off. It is just very run of the mill and cliché. It starts off with a sister and brother moving home to their deceased moms house about a year after a personal tragedy. Stuff starts getting weird eventually leading to the house getting more and more haunted. People think the sister is a bit weird, brother doesn’t believe here.

Later you find out the sister is possessed and has a dark past, some priest gets involved and we end up getting an exorcist type exorcism scene towards the end. Towards the beginning we even get the standard bathroom topless scene and the standard sex scene later.

None of the movie is truly badly done mind you, the acting is fine, the script is fine and there is nothing wrong with the effects or story even. It is just very basic, you have seen all of this before. I won’t say don’t watch the movie, it is actually enjoyable, but don’t expect anything new here. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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