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There are some movies that both help define a genre and inspire people, leaving impressions on us almost two decades later. After Spider-man (N64) I was in love with the wall-crawler and his rogues gallery and what do you know, we got one of the best superhero movies of our time.

We meet Peter Parker, that good hearted geek just living with his loving Aunt May and Uncle Ben next door to lovely Mary Jane Watson, who his best rich best friend Harry Osborn starts dating. Peter’s high intellect and work drive strikes the attention of Harry’s father, Norman, who admires Peter over his own kid. One day, during thhe fateful field trip Peter gets bitten by the genetically modified radioactive spider and his life is changed forever, but not just his; Norman, a scientist about to lose his company, in desperation tests a new formula on himself with malevolent results. Peter develops powers of a spider and suddenly things are looking up, but in a moment of selfishness, Uncle Ben is killed and Peter learns the hard way that with great power comes great responsibility. Using his powers to become Spider-man, Peter goes out to help the people of New York and stop a maniacal menace called the Green Goblin…

Ok, so most people know the story; I’d say Spider-man has arguably the well known origin story next to only Superman and Batman. That being said, it’s a damn good retelling of his origin. Tobey Maguire will always have a soft spot in my heart as Spidey and Willem Dafoe is awesome as Osborn and Goblin. The acting and effects are solid with an unforgettable score. In the end, it’s a classic in the genre and is absolutely worth a watch.


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