Spider-man: the new animated series

spiderman new animated

Ok, so a while ago I talked about how much I loved Spider-man: the animated series from the 90’s, well little do people remember MTV’s animated series that jetted out after the huge success of the first Spider-man movie. Supposedly taking place after the events of the first movie and before Spider- man 2 we join the soap opera of Peter Parker’s life as he deals with Harry’s pain over losing his father, his balance between being friends with MJ and being more, and fitting in at college while being the friendly neighborhood Spider-man and meeting such bad guys as Electro, Kingpin, and Lizard along the way…and it lasted with 13 episodes on a cliff hanger or real downer ending, however you look at it.

I find it hard to say if it’s worth watching. It doesn’t sync well with the films even though it references thing from the movie. As a drama, it’solid as is the voice acting; Neil Patrick Harris is a pretty good Spider-man. There’s not many classic villains sadly, pretty much who I named; you never get to see Doc Ock, Venom, or even another Goblin. Pretty much nobody bad guys that are alright but don’t beat those we love. The animation at the time was groundbreaking but hasn’t aged that well in my opinion. It ain’t horrendous but not great, and you’ll notice there’s a lot of stock scenes of Spider-man swinging to pad stuff out. I’d say it’s worth it if you’re a die hard Spidey fan but otherwise it’s ok to pass. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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