Spider- man 2

spider man 2

Ok, so like I began my Spider-man review, there are some movies that stay with us and inspire us as well as change the way we see a genre. Where the first movie was a great beginning, the second chapter is without a doubt one of the greatest sequels I’ve ever seen- enough that I’ve seen it in theaters 5 times when it came out.

Two years after the first movie, we again pick up with Peter Parker dealing with life’s struggles as well as dealing with life as Spider- man: his grades at school are slipping and he can’t hardly keep a job, he carries the guilt over the deaths of Uncle Ben and Norman Osborn- leading to a rift in his friendship with Harry. If all this wasn’t enough, Mary Jane is soon to be wed, though she does love Peter. Suddenly Peter’s powers start crapping out and Peter see’s a possibility to continue his life and give up Spider-man. But there is a new foe to bring him back, Doc Ock, a hero and mentor to Peter who suffers a tragic accident while trying to accomplish his dream of creating unlimited energy, losing his wife his beloved wife and having the metal tentacles attached to his spine. Peter’s lives collide but can he find it in himself to become Spider-man once again and save New York from Doc Ock?

Ok, this movie is a damn good example of a sequel. Everyone gives great performance, especially Alfred Molina as Ock and Tobey Maquire  shines as Spider-man. The effects are impressive; Ock’s tentacles are genuinely badass to watch. The emotional tone and epic fights are leveled up and the story is a solid continuation. The only flaw I really have is he does take his mask off a bit too much and Ock’s end feels a bit anti-climatic. In the end, if you liked the first movie, I think you’ll love the second movie…just leave it at that. Let’s pretend there isn’t a 3. And may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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