Deadpool: the game

dp game

Well, because my luck sucks, we weren’t able to see Deadpool 2 but if you’re like us and your local movie theater randomly shuts down and you lose the Savior- mobile, and you need a decent Deadpool fix, let’s talk about the bittersweet experience that is the video game.

We join Wade in an adventure to kill generally evil bad guy Mr. Sinister, coming across some beloved X Men characters like Wolverine, Rogue, and Psylocke (as well as a funny ass cameo from Gambit during a dream sequence.), a few X Force favorites like Cable and Domino and of course fighting a list D level villains like Archlight and Vertigo. Get ready for hilarity, action, and utter insanity as we slay our way to Sinister.

Ok, let’s cover the sweet of this bittersweet equation. This is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played and this Nolan North is phenomenal doing the voice of Deadpool. If you love the character and X men lore, because you will get a hell of a lot of cameos and fan service like the Island of Genosha and going on a killing spree inside of a Sentinel boot. There is a shit load of great fan service in the game. Ready for the bitter part? The game is laughably short, but not a good laughable. You can easily finish this game on hardest difficulty in about 4-6 hours easy. It’s really linear. The gameplay is fair, not great but not horrible. I can’t say there is a huge amount of replay value in it, I bailed out of my second play through. I think the game is worth playing but $20 maybe pushing it if you aren’t a Deadpool or avid X men fan. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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