Overcrowd (PC)


So the other day I tossed out on Twitter I need more indy games and movies to check out, and I get a follow from the guy that codes a game called Overcrowd. His name is Alastair and him and his girlfriend, whom has a PhD in molecular genetics, Sarah are creating this game. Together they make up SquarePlay Games. I was a bit surprised by this one, simply because of what it is. The concept seems pretty silly on the surface, maybe because I don’t frequent the subway system. I will let their video explain it however since I can not do it justice.

See, if I had tried to explain this, it would sound silly. However what you get is a deep and engrossing game with a lot to do and managing. The building aspect is only one part as you must also make sure your workers are happy so they can in turn keep commuters happy. Rats, garbage or even blood will quickly turn what should be a happy commuter into a miserable one.

I love covering indy games when I can find them, and the ones I have come across always make me look forward to what is to come. A couple even hold a special place in my heart for various reasons. one because it is a throw back to an old game I loved as a child ( that write-up is coming in the next few days), others because I love the work they are putting into it. And now this one, simply because the originality behind it alone makes me confident it will be amazing. You can see more on Squareplay Games there or here. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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