Graveyard Keeper (Preview)

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Graveyard Keeper is an odd game. It starts out with your character going to the store and getting hit by a car. You then talk to what I assume is death and him telling you that you are now in charge of a graveyard. The game gets so much weirder. You are told to dig up Gerry and he will help you out. Gerry is a bouncing talking skull, that happens to be an alcoholic. He wants you to sell meat for beer. Where are you getting the meat? Well the meat is being dropped off by a talking donkey. Well he isn’t dropping off meat, he is dropping off dead bodies.

Your job is to fix up the graveyard so you can reopen the church. The alpha build is nice, and looks a lot like Stardew Valley. It functions nice and I haven’t hit any major bugs but admittedly there are some HUGE parts of the game missing, but they do warn you about this.

The game is well made and quite hilarious. The decision of what to do with the bodies is also interesting, you have limited space in your graveyard and I found myself occasionally ditching bodies in a nearby river to save space. This did however cost me valuable money. I am very much looking forward to the full release which should be in August. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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