Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vol 2

power rangers vol 2

Again, another shout out to Autobot for letting me borrow these books. Picking up where Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: vol 1 left off, tensions are at a all time high between Rangers, especially Zach and Tommy. The reason for Zach’s paranoia stems from a secret encounter he had with Rita, before the Green Ranger even appeared. Using his nature against him, he offered him the Green power to help bring order to the world if he would just abandon his friends and achieve the greatness he sought. He turned it down but he felt the overwhelming ease and guilt at the wanting he felt. A new monster, the Black Dragon, has descended on them, kidnapping Billy and zapping all the Rangers expect for Tommy’s, leading to Tommy and an unpowered Jason to lead a raid on Rita’s palace to free the captured Blue Ranger…Once again, I was really into this comic. The characters are done well, being fun but heartfelt, and the action is awesome. Seeing the Dragonzord in space was pretty damn sweet. If you liked the first volume, feel free to jump to into the second and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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