Mario Kart 64

mario kart 64

I needed a little break from covering trailers from this year’s San Diego Comic Con and I remembered seeing something about a N64 classic on Facebook and being thrilled with just the idea. The N64 was my first game system ever.Mario Kart was pretty much a staple for anyone who had the system: Mario and his friends race on go karts through a huge list of tracks with various hazards or you and  your friends can battle on Vs mode.

For characters we get Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi, and Peach; Bowser was always my favorite. I have to give some of the maps a lot of credit for being tricky and innovative, especially for the times. There was a slick ice map where you could easily slide into the water, a haunted dock where you had to evade ghosts, a highway dodging cars, and the Rainbow Road- my absolute favorite track- had who twisting and turning on a rainbow through space while being attacked by huge chomping wrecking ball things ( my friend Violet would know what they are I’m sure.) To make things interesting, you can pick up power ups, whether its banana peels, a mushroom for turbo, turtle shells to blast the competition or the coveted star that makes you faster, invulnerable, and generally kicks ass. And if you ain’t in the mood for a race, have a vs fight on one of four original maps. Each player has a number of balloons tied to them and the last player with balloons left wins.

Mario Kart is an awesome classic that’s simple as hell but fun as can be and deserves a good play. May the gaming gods bring you glory and beware the blue turtle shells.


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