Good Kids (2016)

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Good Kids is about four kids that basically were losers in high school, never got invited to parties, studied hard, got good grades and got into good colleges. After graduation,  they decided they would have that summer they never had in school. The summer of yes as they call it. The would go out and do all the things they wanted to do. Get drunk, try drugs, have a boyfriend and get laid. Or would they?

Well it turns out they do get invited to a party, and are quite popular. It isn’t long before they are doing all of those things. The tennis pro actually becomes a male prostitute on accident. The movie is funny tho it has its ups and downs, but this movie does something a bit different. Something that can make you wonder about your days in school.

Towards the end of the movie our man and hooker Andy runs into a recently ex classmate Conch when he goes to the wrong house. After a small talk he is told, to use Conch’s words, a “hard truth” Nobody ever disliked them and they exiled themselves. The reason they weren’t invited to the parties was simple. Nobody was invited, people just showed up,that is why it was called a party. Andy being drunk has a sort of epiphany and agrees to come to the next party, where the group is made more than welcomed.

This to me is the highlight of the movie. Looking back at school, how many times have you gone places and weren’t really invited you simply knew to go? Did you ever wonder if maybe the less popular kids simply didn’t know they simply needed to show up? Or is that even a thing? I actually never got invited so I don’t personally know but it was a pretty thought-provoking. Maybe I missed out on some school experiences and friendships simply because I wasn’t aware that there were all these parties I was supposed to simply show up at and nobody told me. Regardless, the movie is pretty solid. Not the best, but interesting enough to be worth a watch. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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