Guts And Glory (PS4)

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Guts and Glory is a PC game and recently popped up on PS4 surprisingly. I say surprisingly because the game is pretty messed up. The game is all about getting your character through obstacle courses. Some times in a park, or a small city or maybe in a sort of camp ground. The courses are made up of spinning saw blades, flying arrows, cannon balls and other assorted things to kill you. I’ve been shot in the head with arrows, been blown to pieces by landmines and even had my head blown off with a cannon ball.

The game has its issues, for example the controls aren’t very good. The are kind of clunky, and the games physics can be wonky to say the least. The game does have one big thing going for it tho. The game is fun. That is it, the game is just dumb fun. For $15 if you like a semi gory type game that serves no real purpose, this game may be for you. If not, should probably skip this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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