The Damned (2013)

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The damn, also known as Gallow Hills, is the story of a family and friends stranded during a storm. Having gone off the road a bit during a flash flood and being trapped the seek shelter and help in a nearby home. The old man who lives there has 1 rule. When that one rule is broken, things go bad real fast.

The rule was actually quite simple, stay here. When nature calls and someone runs to the bathroom she hears a little girl crying for help. When they find a girl boarded up in a room they fear they old man may be pedophile or worse and let her out. This mistake is about to cost some lives.

See this little girl isn’t a little girl at all, and she was locked away for a reason. This little girl is more of a demonic force trapped away for the safety of everyone else. Much like this movie probably should have been locked away. The story itself brings nothing new, and while the acting and visuals are good enough the story has some pacing issues. There is also a plot twist that makes very little difference. Not sense, it makes sense just fine, it just doesn’t matter. The ending also means very little. Also the movie technically starts at the end and is one of them just telling a story, but you will know that from the very beginning. This is actually okay and I liked this at first and it gives nothing away really.  The movie just wasn’t all that interesting. There are far worse movies out there, there are just better movies out there telling better stories. I won’t say don’t watch this one, but don’t expect an instant classic. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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