Like Father (2018)

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Like Father is of course the new Netflix movie, which isn’t saying much as they seem to be multiplying like bunnies in a Viagra factory. This one is the story of a daughter left at the altar ( Rachel played by Kristen Bell) while her dad (Harry played by Kelsey Grammer) she hasn’t in 26 years shows up. They will then go out, get drunk and end up on a cruise together.

The story is pretty cliché honestly, there is absolutely nothing in this story to surprise you except that Seth Rogen (Jeff) randomly shows up as a love interest for Rachel and then just as randomly he is gone. They explain the whole thing just fine, and it’s not badly done. It’s just Seth randomly being in a movie then randomly not which honestly might be the most Seth Rogen thing possible.

Kristen and Kelsey do put on a great show and the take what easily could have been a relatively boring and forgettable movie and make it enjoyable. They feel like a real father and daughter that struggle to reconnect but have a lot in common, right down to both being workaholics to the point of it being almost an addiction. The movie isn’t great and has its issues, but its enjoyable. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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