Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight

This review may not but long, but there isn’t a huge abundance of material to work with here. Before Friday The 13th: The Game, this was the big horror movie simulator. A group of people thrown onto a map having to escape from a deranged maniac who wants them dead.There’s not really much of a story, except that the killers are sacrificing these teens to the Entity and to fully register them as dead, they must be placed in these contraptions. The killers look cool, from a wretched Hag, to a face wearing Hillbilly and the survivors are your normal, young horror movie fodder. There’s no NPCs, it’s completely multiplayer.

Savior and I took this puppy out for a test drive; about an hour later we simultaneously blurted out “fuck this game”  and Savior deleted it. What hit us first was how long it took for us to really start the game. Unless you have a group of 5, a game between you and your friends won’t last long. We had matches that literally lasted 2 minutes. Being the killer was fun, I admit because compared to everyone else, you felt like a god on the map. Some teleport. Some have higher senses and some have traps and all have weapons of some kind. As a survivor you sneak, run, and “hide”- I put this in quotations because you get these closets to hide in that any killer with a brain would check. There’s perks but they don’t really come too much into play as a survivor. If that killer gets you, you’re totally screwed. Unless you’re really skilled or lucky with a dumb killer, the second that killer catches you you’re dead friend. As a survivor you have to fix 5 generators hidden on the map which are a pain in the ass because if you aren’t good at quick hitting buttons you’re  screwed, it makes noise and draws on longer. You have no defenses what so ever. Out of 10 games we played, we only saw 1 where a survivor lived. Honestly, we began laughing at a lot of scenes that should have terrified us; watching it is like a gory Benny Hill skit.

Dead by Daylight maybe fun for a little bit if you have a good group of friends, now would be the chance now that its free on PSN this month, but you’ll get bored quick even then. The objective never changes, whether its ranked or not. If it’s you and a solitary buddy, I wouldn’t waste my time. My the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: torstenvblog

Writer of the strange and everything; lover of horror, literature, comics, and the alien is my spirit animal

4 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight”

  1. Dead by daylight is a frustrating game. The killer should have the advantage but boy at least give me a chance to escape. The only way we survive is when we work together and even then everything has to go our way. Sad to see Friday the 13th in limbo with the lawsuit because their game is more user friendly.

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