Planetside 2 (PS4)

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So me and @torstenvblog have been trying to find a game to play recently, and with Dead by Daylight being free this month on PSN we started there, and well you can read to see how that went. We then said let’s try Planetside 2, which me and Torsten actually have conflicting opinions on. See he hates it and used some, colorful, terms to describe it. Full disclosure he died, a lot and often.

On the other hand there is me, I also died quite a bit to be 100% honest but unlike him I got better as time went on. The game has some huge maps, that for a free game look pretty damn good. Admittedly Warframe is still the pinnacle of free games in my opinion, in case you are looking for a bench mark. Planetside 2 also comes nowhere near that mark. The looks and sounds however are nothing to sneeze at however.

The controls function just fine as well, and in out time playing I never really had any issues that I would consider game breaking or even annoying. The layout is pretty standard, so really its hard to mess up and the aiming speed is always going to be subjective to how goo or bad it is, so tasters choice there.

The game however isn’t great and suffers from some flaws. First, it gives you no real guidance on what you should be doing. You pick a faction, but it doesn’t really tell you anything about them. I googled them prior which seems to be your only option. The game then tosses you right in with no explanation on how to even get into battle or how to really even find one. I wouldn’t call it hard to figure out, but I’ve been paying games longer than many of my readers have been alive and I mean that in a very literal way. One of my first memories is of sitting with my dad playing asteroids on Intellivision and thinking the NES was the greatest thing to ever be invented because the graphics were amazing. @torstenvblog was a bit more confused than I was, he is also a bit younger and a bit less experienced. To say its a huge problem would be an exaggeration, to say it is not a problem or could not be a problem would be a lie.

The game however with some practice and time is quite a bit of fun. I found myself using a jet pack to maneuver up a mountain to sneak around the side of a base to take a location or fighting with 5 or 6 other guys up a mountain path trying to push our way to a building wishing our idiot air support would fly over and hit something. There are long bouts of nothingness on huge maps followed by intense moments of fighting and that is where the game is very hit or miss. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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