American Horror Story


A few days ago I talked about the American Horror Story: Apocalypse teaser and I think it’d be a good idea to cover what I know of the series.

Season 1 is simple in concept, almost cliche, as we see a family with issues move into a new house in California. Viven, the mom and wife, had a miscarriage and in the aftermath, her husband Ben had a affair. There teenage daughter Violet acts out. They want peace for there family to heal in there new house, despite the strange neighbor’s and the house’s dark, morbid history. The neighbor’s troubled son Tate and Violet become close as a series of events start happening, leading to Viven getting raped by a freak in a gimp suit. It seems the Murder House may have new victims to add to it’s long list…

I didn’t know what to expect going in, just the popularity. Season 1, while not perfect, is really cool. The characters are flushed out and I actually was invested in them and there plights. Evan Peters as Tate stole the show for me. This is a show that blends aspe of real life fact and fictional horror, making some interesting stories. Where I felt a flaw was the last few episodes of the season, the pacing of the ultimate plot felt off, feeling somehow rushed and lagging at the same time. The end is clever but a little too chipper for me. In the end, season 1- Murderhouse is totally solid and I recommend it to New comers. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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