Monster Hunter World (PS4)

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I have a weird history with the Monster Hunter series in the past. I never loved or hated them, which is probably why I played a few. I jumped at the chance to play the Monster Hunter World Beta, but I wasn’t in any real hurry to buy the full release. After playing the beta it was simply another Monster Hunter game for me. It still is by the way, and before anyone jumps on me admittedly it is the best Monster Hunter I have played, Monster Hunter World is still Monster Hunter.

The idea is still the same as always, kill stuff, get new gear, kill more stuff repeat. This isn’t a bad thing, its what the series is. It is why the fan base plays the game and it looks and plays better than it ever has before. The game is stunningly beautiful and the controls are more fluid than they have ever been. Tho seeing creatures disappear inside of rocks and stuff just to smack the hell out of me when the lunge or spin out will always piss me off. Don’t worry tho, its not a bug it’s a feature.  There are some things most reviews I have seen don’t mention, so those are what I will focus on. The game is grind heavy, and I do mean HEAVY. You can spend hours just farming for items to build weapons and armor you need to make equipment you need at the higher level hunts. So if you are easily discouraged or simply hate that sort of thing, this may not be for you.

While there is a story to Monster Hunter World, its very basic and isn’t why most people play the game. If you are looking for a well written in depth story, you probably won’t consider this to be it. It isn’t bad by the way, but its really only about 30 hours or so and doesn’t exactly have a ton of twist and turns. It is almost like a tutorial to introduce you to the mechanics and ease you into why people play the monster hunter series, which is to hunt huge monsters with huge weapons and create characters capable of killing them.

Monster Hunter World is the most approachable game in the series, but it isn’t exactly approachable for casual players. That isn’t to say the game us hard or impossible but it does take some getting used to and practice. You aren’t likely to have success picking random hunts and mashing buttons while picking armor and weapons you think look cool. I have a friend that tries that and keeps asking me to help him kill stuff, then fails the hunt when stuff one shot kill him. He gets a pissed and I tell him why he dies then he doesn’t listen anyway, and it makes me laugh. Anyway, for me the game isn’t worth $60, but the $20 on a sweet sale I found makes it worth it. I know others that spent $60 and never looked back. This game is one of those games that is worth different to different people specifically because of what it is. I won’t say to buy it or not, but if you can rent or play with a friend if you have never experienced the Monster Hunter series before because it is vastly different than what most people have played. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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5 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World (PS4)”

  1. I have learned that Monster Hunter seems to be very specific to certain people. You either like it, don’t like it, or your neutral; but the people who like it REALLY like it. I love Monster Hunter but have a few friends who regret spending $60 bucks on the game. I said similar things about it in my Monster Hunter review. Like you said, you can’t just button mash and get through it. You have to actually get good.

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  2. I agree. This was the first in the series (have tried 2 others) that I was able to fully get into. It had an easier learning curve for me then the ones in the past. It is a game that is not for everyone but because of Monster Hunter World I am looking forward to other Monster Hunter games

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    1. It is definitely easier and more user friendly. For me its still just Monster Hunter, just made for a bigger fan base and thats a good thing. Its an old series that id finally getting the attention many people feel it deserves.

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