American Horror Story: Cult

ahs 7

In the USA over the past few years, politics have gone awry to be blunt. Something began rapidly changing how I saw the world and I knew it wasn’t good. The seventh American Horror Story dives into the horror of our political landscape and the people it creates. Instead of focusing on the supernatural, this deals with phobias and the conspiracies we believe in.

Ally and Ivy are a loving same sex couple with there son Oz, living a quiet successful until the 2016 Presidential Election where there world crashes. Ally has something of a breakdown, where her fears start coming forth: Bees, holes in her skin, and clowns to name a few. Things begin happening around the couple slowly as they take on troubled gray haired beauty Winter to look after Oz and Ally becomes paranoid of the outside world and the blue haired extremist rising through the local ranks of politics. Enter Kai Anderson. Kai has aspirations and goals to change the world, the influence he controls quickly escalates and suddenly Ally realizes he is everywhere…

This one is a tough call. I respect and like what they were going for plot-wise but sometimes there are parts so over the top I had to laugh but  I don’t think I was meant to.  I honestly hated the first episode and I wasn’t invested until 3 or 4 episodes in. Evan Peters outdoes himself as the maniacal Anderson. The last episode kills the season for me in a lot of ways, which sucks because Peters performance really drives the season and the connections to real life cults. I really like that it’s completely R rated because if this season was watered down, it’d be a total flop. In the end, I’d say it’s alright but far from the best of the series but worth streaming. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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