Pumpkinhead 2:Bloodwings (1993)

Pumpkinhead 2 starts out in a flashback to the 1950’s where a group of kids hunt down, torture and kill a disfigured kid and drop him down a mine shaft. Years later another group of kids rob a witch, and summon Pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead goes on a killing spree for the teens that robbed the witch and killed the disfigured boy.

This is a short synopsis and I kept it short because honestly the movie was awful. The acting is pretty solid and the monster still looks good enough but everything else is just horrible. The story makes no real sense, the dialogue is corny and the plot is full of holes and doesn’t even make much sense. For example the slam this witch with a car doing about 40 miles an hour and she gets right up and walks away but a quick hit with a flashlight and she is down for the count. Pumpkinhead in the first movie is well documented as only being summoned for truly horrible things and now its being summoned for petty theft and attacking people who had nothing to do with the crime?

Even with all of this aside much of what made the first movie interesting in the first place is also gone. There isn’t much redeeming about this movie at all, in fact it is better off avoided. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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