Project Hospital

As some of you may remember it wasn’t to long ago Oxymoron Games Hooked me up with a beta of Project hospital, which you can see my thoughts on here. Well the game today, and the fine folks at Oxymoron games were kind enough to toss us a copy last week so we could review it. It is always appreciated and never goes unnoticed to be chosen.

I won’t go into too much detail about the beta, you can go back and read that yourselves if you are interested. But a lot of things have changed. The graphics don’t appear to be greatly changed but do seem a bit more polished, the tutorials are still intact as you would expect but now there is full on campaign and challenge modes. (screen shots taken before they were played)

Project Hospital 10_28_2018 10_01_13 AM.png

As you would expect each one gets a bit more challenging as you unlock each one new level. There are also more options for the sandbox mode.

Project Hospital 10_28_2018 10_04_15 AM.png

There are various sizes of empty fields to build your own hospital or different pre-started hospitals, and you can even turn off deaths. If you turn off deaths the patients will simply be taken to a new hospital.

The game play is solid and is more simulation oriented than you will find in Two Point Hospital and less about laughs. ( Not that i have an issue with that, loved Theme Hospital) There are a few issues with the game however, for example tutorial 3 had a small glitch where the doctors and nurses wouldn’t treat the patient but when I restarted it I had no issues at all and once when patients were going into an x-ray room the chose to go outside and around the side of the building and hopped on the machine thru the wall. It was actually kind of humorous and was probably caused by my placement of the machine but realistically shouldn’t have happened and will probably be patched anyway.

Neither of these issues took away from my enjoyment of the game,but I felt obligated to mention them regardless. The day-to-day running of the hospital, the ambulances coming and going can all be very exciting. There is also the new twist of managing a day and night shift of the hospital which was a different and yet nice experience. Once while playing he day shift left and I realized i had zero doctors on my night shift to run my emergency room.

The game isn’t perfect but no games are, and if you love simulation and tycoon games this one is worth checking out. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

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