American Horror Story: Freakshow

ahs 4

Ok, before we begin, I’m going to admit I have a bias with certain topics in fiction. I have a fascination with deformations, mutations, and for a lack of a better word, freaks. I also have an affinity for the 50’s, the fashion, the clean squeaky facade of the time. The fourth American Horror Story is my favorite of the series.

The story revolves, as the title suggests, a traveling freak show in Florida during the 50’s lead by a wannabe singer Elsa Mars.We got a bearded lady, a lady with 3 boobs, a tiny woman, two “pinheads”, a telepathic two headed woman,  and a boy with ” lobster claws” as well as others. Times are tough as TV is beginning to take over and live acts are fading away. Outside the show, they do face adversity from the towns people, especially when people start turning up dead, especially kids. The town turns on the freaks, as there numbers are infiltrated by a pair of con artists who plan on selling there corpses to a different kind of side show. If all this wasn’t enough, a rich pretty boy with some psychotic tendencies falls madly in love with the two headed woman and gets a little too in love with the freakshow…

Besides my already personal bias towards the subject matter, I love all the plots at play in this season. Stylistically, from the music, clothes, and even the covers of modern day music felt really time appropriate which was awesome. I can’t really say who stood out to me, because I thought everyone did a great job. The biggest surprise I got was Neil Patrick Harris as a disturbed ventriloquist, that was awesome. The clown design freaked me the hell out. Freakshow, to me, is a good blend of horror and drama with some good music thrown in and I highly recommend it. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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