Supernatural Seasons 1 through 5

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I wouldn’t say I joined the Supernatural trip late, its more accurate to say I fell off the bus around season 3 and jumped back on when it was a few seasons later. And by that I mean Netflix has 13 seasons and 14 will start airing way before I finish catching up. Seriously, one day Jared is on Gilmore Girls (Yea I liked the show, you can mock me if you want)then boom it’s over 13 years later and he is still on Supernatural. I won’t lie I know Jenson was on Smallville for a bit and Dawson”s Creek but I honestly can’t say I remember seeing any of it.

The shows first couple seasons really set up the brothers dynamic and how they came to be hunters in the first place. From the death of their mother and Sam (Jared) leaving Dean (Jenson) and their father John Winchester  (Jeffery Dean Morgan) to do things on their own. When dad goes missing on a hunting trip Dean bothers Sam at college to help find him. While this doesn’t go well Sams girlfriend shuffles the mortal coil the same way their mom did. The search for dad and revenge will move on.

As the seasons progress more and more things are dealt with, ghost, shapeshifters, demons you name it. We will see them go through god knows how many bags of salt, silver bullets and they will set more than a few things on fire.Should also probably mention by the end of season 5 we will find out that angels, Lucifer and even God are all real and are all honestly pricks.  Tho most of the gods we read about are real the in the world of Supernatural and apparently very killable.

Honestly I think that may be why the show has the staying power it does, beyond the fact that women like men enjoy watching good-looking people doing stuff. It takes a very simple and popular topic, put a different spin on it people aren’t used to, and away you go. The characters are mostly likable except for a few that you would rather have dead but to be fair,they are mostly the bad guys anyway. There is also significant character growth over the seasons which is quite rare on most shows that go on this long. I don’t want to spoil too much since like myself some people may be a bit late to the party and trying to catch up, but for any fans of monsters and ghost and the like the show is very much worth watching. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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