Jacksonville Madden Shooting


I thought long and hard about writing this, or not even talking about the shooting in Jacksonville at all. That is actually why you are reading this days after the event. A lot of people took the chance to politicize the tragedy or as I pointed out on my Facebook page make memes and jokes, I even shared one particular meme because I wasn’t sure exactly who it was mocking, tho admittedly it was funny to me regardless. I won’t make any excuses for my dark sense of humor as many people use it as a defense mechanism and people I know read this. There are a few other things I won’t do. I won’t take this time to discuss changes in gun laws or to defend the 2nd amendment, nor will I engage in any conversation about it on this blog article. It isn’t that I don’t have an opinion because I do, it just isn’t the time or the place.

I also won’t be discussing the numerous people who have used this event to attack gamer as violent sociopaths and psychopaths that are getting more violent because of the games we play, tho I have written about my opinions on that as well. No, those people are equally bad because people lives have been taken by a coward that was upset because he lost a video game tournament. I won’t share his name or his likeness tho because that simply gives him the fame he desired from winning the tournament in the first place. Clearly he was a cowardly and sick person that deserves both or pity and scorn but most importantly he deserves to be forgotten forever. Normally I end this by hoping the gaming gods will bring you all glory, but this time all I ask that the gaming gods bring peace to the people of Florida, but most importantly bring the families of the this tragedy some peace and happiness.


Author: Savior699

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6 thoughts on “Jacksonville Madden Shooting”

      1. Yeah, illegal weapons is out of the question, he clearly used a legal gun but how, with his mentally ill background passed the background checks?

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