Places From The Office I’ve Been


For awhile there The Office was a huge show, and some people still love it. I don’t really get it tho I have seen it. Being born and raised in Scranton Pennsylvania however there are a few things about the show I can appreciate. For example most of the characters saying the city name like a native of the city or that many of the places in the show are real places, many of which I have been. Here is just a short list of them.

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Alfredo’s Pizza– Located in the South Side shopping center I have spent many of hours in this restaurant. Not as a customer, it was actually one of my first jobs. I was a dish washer when I was 17. The managers name by the way, no joke, William Riker. Had some good times here, including drinking beer on break with the 3 Mexican brothers I worked with out back. We would go get ice water and dump it out then fill it with beer they had in the trunk of their car. Made work much easier, I miss tho guys. Admittedly we didn’t talk much, they barely spoke English beyond “beer time” and a few phrases here and there included “fucking easy no my friend?”

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Anthracite Heritage Museum This is honestly just a place about coal mines, North East PA was a coal mine area after all. There is also a tour you can take where you ride down into an actual mine, they tell you about it, pretty interesting stuff. Don’t do it if you are afraid of enclosed spaces tho. You will be far underground.

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Boscov’s And the Steamtown Mall- Both Boscov’s and the Steamtown mall are mentioned in The Office, and if you live in Scranton you have been to both. I actually was a security guard at the mall. Had a lot of fun tossing smart ass kids out on Friday nights. Tho technically “The Steamtown mall” no longer exist, “It’s The Market Place at Steamtown” The Office sign actually was here for a while, still might be, I haven’t been here for awhile. People used to stop by all the time for pics.

This one is actually a list of places mentioned in The Office implied to be in Scranton, that are not. To start, Chilli’s. This is not in Scranton, depending on traffic it’s actually about half an hour away. Another example is Hooters. There is no Hooters anywhere near Scranton. I don’t even know where the nearest one is to be honest. No this isn’t a macho oh I wouldn’t go there sort of deal, I would. When I was in the Army we went to one in Oklahoma City. I just don’t know where one is near Scranton.


Every time this comes up there is an argument. Dunder Mifflin is not a real business. There is no Dunder Mifflin Paper Company you can go and visit. However, the building you see in the opening credits? That is a real place, it is called Pennsylvania Paper Supply Company and is located at 215 vine street. Yes I’ve been there, not because of the show there, if you live here long enough you just end up near it at some point honestly. Anyway if you guys enjoy this I may do more locations, maybe even go there myself and take real pics. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.



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