Wish I Was here (2014)

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Wish I was here is a pretty simple and straight forward movie. Basically a family having trouble making ends meet, dad is a struggling actor and mom, well they are never all that clear on what mom does, basically works with computers entering data.  Thankfully they cut a deal with Aiden Bloom’s (Zack Braff) father to pay for school as long as he picked the school. As a Jewish man of strong faith he chose a Jewish school. Sadly he has cancer that has returned and he can no longer afford to pay for school.

It is later decided that the kids will be home schooled until next year when they will go to public school,something Aiden isn’t happy about. The movie is a comedy but above all it is honestly a feel good family movie, tho you probably  let your kids watch it as it does deal with some adult content. The movie itself isn’t bad and is good for some laughs, it is just a bit odd. The conflict you are used to in movies honestly doesn’t really exist here. You never feel like the family is being torn apart or anything like that. It is simply the story of how the family deals with pulling together during a time of trouble.

If you are in to that sort of movie definitely give it a watch, it is a nice drama/comedy, but unless you are fans of that type of movie there isn’t much here for you. I don’t regret watching it, but I wouldn’t watch it again. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


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