American Horror Story: Roanoke

ahs 6

With Cult coming to Netflix and Hulu soon, I found it time to cover one of the stranger entries of the series. Unlike the previous 5 seasons, the 6th takes it’s method of story telling in a new direction…

Shelby and Matt were a loving couple who move into a secluded home in North Carolina after befalling a tragedy. After outbidding some rednecks, they seem to be on there way to there new happy life but things aren’t as they seem. Like many hauntings, there are strange and lurid sights but it’s not long before the spirits of the savage settlers lead by the Butcher descend upon and lure the daughter of Matt’s troubled sister, Lee, away for sacrifice. By the skin of there teeth, Shelby and Matt escape manage to escape with the girl and leave that horrid place. They tell there story and it becomes famous from the reenactments. Real life drama breaks up Shelby and Matt, but they get an offer neither can refuse- journey back to where they fled for a new reality show with the actors that portrayed them. Will there story prove real?

Essentially I feel Roanoke is 2 stories in one. I enjoyed the first half of the show a hell of a lot more than the second half. The first half is the accounts and reenactment of there first encounter. I liked the history and disturbing imagery. The second half is the reality show which is meta and offer suffers from shaky, found footage tropes at times. Overall though, I liked the season but I couldn’t help but feel it dragged. The performances are great and its filmed really damn well but the found footage aspect annoyed me a bit and the second half drags some. Still, it was a good season that tried something different. May the gaming gods bring you glory.


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