Graveyard Keeper


Graveyard Keeper is an odd game. The game starts off with you at a store, in the modern day. On the way home BOOM. Dude is hit by a car. After talking to what I assume is death you are tasked with digging up a friend to help guide you on your task. What task is that do you ask? Well as the name implies running a graveyard, which you will do very little of the time. Seriously I spent the opening hours of the game talking to people, chopping down trees, killing some slimes for the local smith. All sorts of things, and yes some of that was to fix up the graveyard. Mostly tho, it was not.

The game is fun and demented in its own way. For example do you do things the right way to sell meat, or do you get a fake seal and just hack parts off dead bodies the donkey brings you and sell that to people?  Yes you can sell people human mean from corpses. Eventually you can also open up the church and get some money and such that way.

The game also has some bugs to it, some are quite major reportedly and that seems mostly on the Xbox version but the PC version as well and yes that does include some that will require you to restart your game. I haven’t had any issues but they are reported pretty reliable from many places. The game is a lot of fun, but it isn’t the most polished game out there and it can be pretty grindy at times. I don’t regret buying it and I have no issue recommending it to people that enjoy the style of game, but it is a very niche game and is not for most people. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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