Some News For The Blog

I always strive to be 100% honest with you guys,whether it be saying hey I wouldn’t buy this game or watch this movie or even hey the company gave me this gave to review. Its not that I think you guys believe me or trust my opinion more because of it it is simply because its how I think stuff should run. I have been wrong before and you guys have called me out on it which is great.

In the spirit of that, I had an idea the other night that I thought could help me and @torstenvblog keep the lights on here at Savior Gaming ( metaphorically, honestly we will probably buy movies, games, booze and pizza) I also wanted to do this with someone that @torstenvblog and myself have used and trusted which lead me to the Amazon affiliate program. From now on you may notice after some of our reviews you will see links to certain products on Amazon. These will simply be things we have reviewed that we feel are worth buying. These links are known as affiliate links and if you decide to buy the product through that link we will get a small commission. These links won’t be everywhere and we aren’t going to post a ton of them , honestly we simply want to make it easier for you to buy the things we review if you are interested and to help us out a bit at the same time. As always thanks for reading, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

The one and only blog for savior gaming, join us for news, reviews and opinions on all things gaming as well as potentially other projects.

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