Our Favorite Movies Day 12:Child’s Play

Day 12 brings us a class, Child’s Play. By now most of you know this story. Killer dies, uses Voodoo to toss his soul into a Chucky doll., kills people. The formula has worked for decades now. This is also the only horror movie I can honestly say I shared with my father and all of my kids.

It is also worth noting there My Buddy dolls when i was a kid and mine looked just like this creepy bastard. I once tied a knife to it and threw it at my brother. Yes it was a real knife, yes I got in a lot of trouble and yes he punched me. This movie however having released in 1988 has about 30 years of history with 7 movies in all, and no signs of stopping. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


For those that are interested in the movies and helping us out, here is a Child’s Play collection on Amazon. Child’s Play on Amazon


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