Child’s Play 2

childs play 2

Well, I hope everyone out there had a good first day of 2019. So to start the year let’s talk about a lovable, foul mouthed killer doll. Namely Chucky, before we get the remake. I covered Bride of Chucky as well the original for this past year’s Halloween special ( Our Favorite Movies Day 12:Child’s Play )

Child’s Play 2 picks up directly where the original leaves off. Andy Barkley finds himself in the system after being  separated from his mom and his story covered up. The Good Guy toy company seized Chucky’s charred corpse and remakes him ( for reasons?) and that’s enough to revive the murderous doll, who follows Andy to his new foster home, making the kid’s life a living hell and dropping bodies a long the way in his quest to put his soul in Andy’s body…

In a time where the titans of horror Michael, Jason, and Freddy were all getting stale fast, Child’s Play 2 is a pretty good sequel. Andy is still a really sympathetic victim and you do feel for this poor kid; his foster sister Kyle was a good addition and her and Andy’s relationship feels genuine. Chucky is still funny and still badass. The kills are kinda tame until the last act when they fight back against Chucky, then there are some pretty awesome moments and how he finally dies is pretty damn sweet. All in all while not as good as the first, it’s a pretty good simple slasher  movie I’d say is worth checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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