Battlefield: Bad Company

battlefied bad comp

Many younger readers won’t understand this but a long time ago, FPS games weren’t that special. Of course there were games like GoldenEye, Doom, and the severely underrated Red Faction that pushed the envelope. Red Faction, you could blast through walls and back then it blew my mind. You can imagine my surprise hiding from a tank inside a house and having the tank blow the house up with me in it. Progress, eh?

Unlike many other military FPS games, you aren’t saving the world from terrorists or stopping WW3. You are a new recruit to a charismatic group of misfits referred to as Bad Company, who uncover leads to a stolen wealth and they’ll have to fight there way to it before the government snatches it up.

In a world of overblown shooters that try to hard to be cool or effects heavy, Bad Company was a great exception. Your team sells the game with some pretty funny dialogue and over time you do grow to care about these guys. I love that you can jump into almost every house you see, and jump into every vehicle you see so there’s a good amount of variety. The game loses some of it’s luster as you go but the characters and craziness of the stages keeps it fun. Your health doesn’t naturally regenerate but instead you get an injection that  bumps your health back up, the wait time inbetween can be surprisingly tense. Bad Company was a game I felt should have gotten more love than it did but otherwise it’s a real good FPS I suggest checking out. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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