Pokemon Sun and Moon (The Series)

As a long time Pokemon fan I decided to check out Pokemon Sun and Moon. I have to admit at first the new art style kinda bummed me out. Ash looked weird and so did team rocket. The story is also a bit weird with Mr. Mime clearly cheating to win Ash and his mom tickets to the Alola region. Speaking of which I have some serious questions about the relationship between Ash’s mom and Mr. Mime.

All that aside the basic story isn’t bad. Ash attends a school for kids because we all know ash has been 12 for 20 years now. The issue is after 43 episodes he spent most of his time at the school. On occasion they would leave to check out a different island and he does get through a couple of the challenges. But the entire series is mostly just watching him go to school. The true greatness comes in episode 42 and 43 is when they return to the Kanto reason for those episodes.

This also brings the return of Misty and Brock to meet the new crew and hang out with Ash, where you will also see Ash and Misty battle with Misty having a Mega Evolution now. The series isn’t bad, it is just quite a bit different. Tho to me it did feel like the worst in the series. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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