Minion Masters (PC)

Minion Masters was a game that a few days ago I had never heard of, but a friend of mine @SirFeliciano tossed me a copy on Steam. Told me the game looked cool but he didn’t have time to play it so I should check it out. He gave me a quick run down and that was it. So, I love free stuff, so I gave it a whirl.

Minion Masters by Betadwarf and is quite the simple concept. Each player takes a side and sends monsters after the other person. Those monsters will kill each other and attack the other player when they reach it by crossing one of two bridges. Once your hit points are gone, you lose. In typical monster summoning fashion mana will determine what monster you can summon, the higher the cost the more powerful the creature.

The game has an excellent tutorial to explain how everything works and will get you into the game fast. After that, you will jump right into the game and quickly be playing against real people in either one on one or team battles. Graphically the game looks good and the sound is great, but the gameplay is where it really stands out. The action is fun, fast and can be quite intense at times. The game is in early access, but honestly, it plays great and I see no reason why it won’t get better. By all means, go check it out over at their website. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


Author: Savior699

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2 thoughts on “Minion Masters (PC)”

  1. I got this game a long time ago in a Humble Bundle with some micro transactions included and actually enjoy it well enough. It’s the kind of game that’s simple enough to play that you can come back to it once every six months and still know more or less what you’re doing.

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