Alien: Blackout trademarked

alien blackout 2

I can’t say there’s many games I’m looking forward to many games in the near future but when it was announced Fox trademarked “Alien: Blackout”, a new game somewhere in the Alien universe. While I highly doubt it’s going to be set after Alien: Covenant , I personally think it would freshen up the Xenomorph in games if we saw some aspects of the prequels involved like the black ooze and the mutations they bring. I wouldn’t be angry if the Neomorph made another appearance in the series. Another thing that would be awesome if some of the Kenner toy designs made an appearance as a new means of enemy types.

Essentially what I want from Blackout is nothing from Aliens: Colonial Marines ; I want a game with challenging, varied Aliens, a good story, and a some good action. While I love Alien: Isolation I do think the next step would be to show how intense a gun fight with a Alien can be. We have a long wait ahead but I can’t wait to see we get. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

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